Diving In: Understanding Health Care Policy Reform Potential and Practicality

Author: Emily Skywark
Major: History, International Relations
Approved: Fall 2016
Status: Completed

An interest in health care policy reform inspired me to seek an internship with a think-tank in Washington, DC in the Summer of 2017. This internship will allow me to increase my understanding of the problems that plague the US health care system, as well as what policy reforms have potential. I will then pursue a further understanding of an aspect of an issue or potential reforms through an independent research project. This project will allow me to explore, through original research, the true potential and practicality of a certain aspect of reform. I hope to enhance my personal understanding of issues as well as create better understanding in general about a topic that, through my internship, I see a need for in current literature. I feel that the best hope for reform is conversation about policy reform and recognition of flaw in our system to become a part of regular discourse. I hope that in my research, I will find a way to assist in this education effort, especially on Roanoke College’s campus.