Below are projects completed by members of the Class of 2018:

Victoria Arthur – Les Couples Interreligieux: Attitudes towards Interfaith Relationships among Parisian Muslims and Christians

Ariana Bagherian – A Judiciary For The People: Adhering to the Rule of Law in the US and Argentina

Hannah Bear – Autlife: Living Creatively with Autism

Kaitlin Busse – Assessing Meaning and Value in the Workforce: A Comparative Study Between the United States and the Netherlands

Anna Chamberlain – Cultivating Creativity in the 21st Century Church II

Princess Diaz – The effects of migration on community sustainability: a service-learning project

Maggie Fitzgerald – Riding “Staff” Along the Train of Thought: Resistance and Critique in the Space of Apartheid

Erin Ford – At the Heart of Aikido: From Biomechanics to Diversity in Application

Abigail Gray – Her Stories: Uncovering Female Empowerment through Historical Fiction Project

Jack Hill – The Imprisoned Welfare State

Tyler Hofmann-ReardonMaking a Voter

Madison Howard – The Genderization of Our Youth by Children’s Books

Eesha Imam – Building the World of a Novella: Fantasy, Oral Tradition and Science

Alice Keith – Stories and Histories from Abroad: The Adventures of a Curious Mind

Lizzie Knudsen – Orthodox Christian Iconography: Significance, Symbolism and Creation

Madison Little – Delight in Suffering: Why Readers Enjoy Emotionally Charged Stories

Sabrina McAllister – Time Perspective as a State-Based Measure

Megan Miller – The Negative Effects of Empathy on Moral Decision Making

Holly Morrison – Pressure Ulcers: A Translational and Comparative Medical Approach at Discovering a Successful Treatment

Caroline Peterson – An Intensive Study on the Properties of Nanomaterials and their Potential Uses

Kristin Read – Sustainable Development with Indigenous Women in the Yucatan

Kasey Reese – The Story of the Forest Hill Confederates – The Journey Home

Abigail Rose – Beyond the Star-Crossed Lovers: A Modern Look at Juliet, Femininity, and Mortality

Chelsea Schafer – Deafness and Religious Experience: A cross-cultural examination in the United States and Ireland

Josef Simme – The Micro-ornamentation on the Skin of Carphodactylidae, Diplodactylida, and to a Smaller Extent, Pygopodidae Geckos under Ecological and Evolutionary Aspects

Emily Skywark – Diving In: Understanding Health Care Policy Reform Potential and Practicality

Laura Sullivan – Psychological Effects of Athletics on Fragile Populations

Kerri Taylor – The Oaklands Plantation: An Exploration of one Family’s Significance to the Roanoke Area