Fall 2018 (Class of 2022)

Members of the Class of 2022 are at work on a number of great Distinction Projects, including:

Ahmed Abu Sultan – Kinematic patterns during locomotion: Examining coordination and control strategies in humans

Andrew Austin – Perceptions of Disabilities: How Visibility and Perceptions of Disabilities Impacts Treatment and Overall Behaviors

Caitlin Blake – Specialized: Comparing Perceptions of the Inclusive Classroom

Bradley Bommarito – HiAP as a Line of Flight: Deleuze, Guattari, and Health for All

Nelly Cardenas Tapia – Get Up & Move: The Benefits of Physical Activity to Increase Student Attentiveness And Improve Behavior In The Classroom

Katie Dail – A Book in My Hand: A Community Project to Equalize Literacy Opportunities in the Roanoke Valley

Lexie Duttera – Women in STEM Program

Seth Foster – Regional Policy Solutions to a Global Problem: An Analysis and Interpretation of the Effectiveness and Feasibility of American Carbon Cap-and-Trade Networks

Bennet Franz РFood For Thought: Food Insecurity on Roanoke College’s Campus

Serayna Green – Surviving the Lost Score

Kavya Iyer – A Comparative Study of the Impacts of Perceived Food Access and Neighborhood Culture of Health in Roanoke City Communities due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Gideon Linkous – Academic Integrity in Higher Education: Review and Application for Strategic Changes In Policy

Lois Miller – Cannabis Dispensary Business Plan

Cici Montalvo – Does Inhibition of Hemolymph Clotting Affect Circulating Immune Cell Response to Acute Bacterial Exposure in the American Lobster?

Sara Moody – Exploration of Verbal Fluency and Memory Performance in Adult Spanish-English Bilinguals and Monolinguals

Amelia Page – Potential for redifferentiation of moss leaf cells based on initial leaf position

Kaeley Pollock – Exploring How Built Environments and Institutional Arrangements Affect Student Well-Being

Elizabeth Roberts – An Exploration of Perceptions of Strength Training in Breast Cancer Survivors

Sarah Jane Ruppert – Instilling confidence and interpersonal skills in middle school youth using theatrical techniques

Rebecca Shannon – Public Health Studies and Psychology majors, Human Development concentration

Snigdha Somani – Business Administration; Marketing, Business Information Systems

Galen Williamson – Characterization of Adenosine Deaminase from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Dalton Wilson – Conceptual Mathematics Course