Economic Effects of Brexit in the United Kingdom

Author: Ellie Schad
Major: Business Administration
Approved: Fall 2019
Status: Completed

Next semester I plan to study abroad at Regent’s University in London England. While I’m abroad I will conduct my research project which will explore the effects of Brexit in the United Kingdom. The specific question I will research regarding Brexit is its impact on trade and the industries affected the most. Additionally, analyzing the impact on trade between the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will be a topic of my research. I plan on interviewing a number of different economists and some in the business finance industry, starting with connections I already have and using snowball sampling to expand my group of interviewees. Additional, research will occur through current events and news articles that I come across in my daily life in London. Based on the most current news it seems as though the Brexit deadline is going to be pushed back again to the month of December. After a deal is made there is going to be a long transitional period before the new legislation turns into reality. That being said I’d like to be able to use my research and information collected through interviews to make a prediction on what the UK and Ireland border may look like regarding the economy and trade after the transitional period. While I’m abroad and conducting my research and interviews, I will complete my first unit of credit. The following Fall, I will complete my second required unit of credit, analyzing my data, turning it into a final paper, and presenting it at an on-campus poster presentation.

Schad Distinction Project Final