Inter-Curricular Online S.T.E.M. Education in Virginia, grade 6

Author: Morgan Heckman and Nathan Price
Major: Physics (MH), Chemistry (NP)
Approved: Fall 2017
Status: Completed

We created a website focused around the Virginia Standards of Learning for sixth grade science, with the purpose of creating more interactive work for students to explore. This website exists at and contains six modules that touch on each category of the Virginia SOLs for sixth grade science. It also contains mathematics and writing worksheets that are built to go along with each module, which address several of the sixth-grade math SOLs. All material within and outside the modules is differentiated to reach students at different capability levels, without changing the science content covered. There has been interest expressed by educators in two different school districts to use this website within their classrooms, both for review before the eighth grade SOL exam and for English teachers in a STEM focused school district.

6th Grade Science Exploration

Final Project Paper