Les Couples Interreligieux: Attitudes towards Interfaith Relationships among Parisian Muslims and Christians

Author: Victoria Arthur
Major: Sociology, French
Approved: Spring 2016
Status: Completed

For my distinction project, I will be studying young adult interfaith dating in Western societies, specifically focusing on the United States and France. I chose these two countries due to my interest in the French language, my plans to study abroad, as well as the fact that among Western countries, these two have been specific targets of radical-Islamic terrorism in recent years. I also chose France to focus on because it has the largest number of Muslims compared to any other Western European country. For my research, I will be conducting qualitative interviews and use the data to evaluate French and American young adults’ attitudes and opinions towards interfaith intimate relationships between Christians and Muslims. My project will begin during Summer 2016 and conclude in Fall 2017. I will spend one semester working on my literature review, approximately one semester collecting data in France, half of a semester collecting data in the United States, and finally I will use one semester to analyze my data and write my report.