Murals for Healing: Transforming Blank Walls into Therapeutic Outlets

Author: Carly Schepacarter
Major: Psychology, Art
Approved: Fall 2019
Status: In progress

Through my project, I hope to utilize art as a tool both for active and passive methods of art therapy in a healing space, such as Roanoke Memorial Hospital, a school, or another local healing area. I intend to research the needs of that community and the use of art in different spaces to evoke certain responses, and ultimately utilize that research to determine the best art for the healing setting chosen. I will also conduct a survey in the community to account for interpersonal differences in aesthetic choices which will better inform my murals. In order to demonstrate these findings, my research will take the form of one to five murals in the setting, each representing the best possible visual stimulation, content, execution, and other artistic methods for the project. I also plan to have the population members help me to paint the murals if possible, making up the active method of art therapy. Ultimately, I hope to brighten bland and white walls of a healing area with something scientifically proven to improve the community’s mental states, as well as give them something to be a part of and take pride in.