On the Development of American and French Healthcare Systems

Author: Jared Boone
Major: Political Science, French
Approved: Spring 2018
Status: Completed

The United States and France have distinctly different healthcare systems and the differences are shown in many areas, including coverage outcomes and in spending as a percentage of GDP. The United States and France also have distinctly different political differences, and, given the disparities in the area of healthcare, the question then becomes: to what extent do the separate political traditions and power structures determine outcome in the area of healthcare? This work seeks to answer that question through a qualitative comparative analysis. Interviews are conducted with key players in each country along with extensive historical analysis and examination of government structure to find the answer, which is of great importance. If either system is deemed to be problematic, knowing the source of the current system as well as major determinants of future policy outcome will be of great help in determining a strategy for substantive change.