“Cooking with the Mouth”

Author: Lexie Ruckman
Major: History
Approved: Spring 2020
Status: Completed

Theresienstadt is a World War II Concentration Camp that is incredibly unique because of the work produced from inside of its walls. This concentration camp acted as a façade of normalcy, showcased as a “normal” town that was actually a camp that sent people eventually to death. Work produced from this camp include a cookbook that was collaborated on by multiple women and underground education led by women for children that produced drawings and poetry. These works are considered acts of resistance because they go against everything the Nazi regime stands for, which is believing that Jewish tradition will still live within the future. My project will focus on how these works become living memorials of the female experience within Theresienstadt. All acts of memorialization within the Holocaust are acts of resistance, but not all acts of resistance are memorials.