Surviving the Lost Score

Author: Serayna Green
Major: Business Administration
Approved: Spring 2020
Status: In progress

The “Lost Score,” was a period of significant economic recession in Japan which lasted from 1990 to 2010. This recession greatly influenced much of the Japanese economy, lowering Japan’s GDP from $5.33 trillion to $4.36 million, decreasing real wages to 5%, and forcing the price of Japanese goods to stagnate. All companies in the Japanese business world were influenced: from the automobile industry to the technology industry to small and private business entrepreneurs. Nowadays, however, the Japanese economy is highly developed and prospering, its land and stocks having mostly recovered from the recession. The country now has the 3 largest international GDP and is the 4 largest international consumer. For this project, I will be analyzing small businesses who were influenced during that recession, and how the supply/demand for their goods was impacted by the Lost Score. My research will be divided into theoretical research on the economic forces behind the “Lost Score” and its economic influences on small industrial business in Japan’s economy, and field interviews where I will asking small business entrepreneurs how they worked to recover the demand for their goods from the recession and what steps they took to achieve recovery.