Stories and Histories from Abroad: The Adventures of a Curious Mind

Author: Alice Keith
Major: History, French
Approved: Spring 2016
Status: Completed

As a creative soul, I wish to combine my artistic aspirations with my academic pursuits. My Distinction Project will unite these interests as I study the printing industry of Renaissance Lyon and create pieces of art and writing based off my research. During my Fall Washington Semester, I will begin my research to become familiar with the main figures of Lyonnaise printing, and to narrow my focus to the aspect most interesting to me. I will also work on making daily creative habits of drawing and writing. This will guide my Spring Study Abroad in Lyon, France. While in Lyon, I can explore the city and its history by visiting historic sites and continuing my research. At the same time I will record my observations of the places and people I encounter, and engage in introspection. All of my research and observations shall be complied in a Visual Journal, a work combining art, writing, and ephemera. It will become a chronicle of my research, embellished with side stories from my time abroad. Upon my return to the States in the Fall, I will pull from the content of my Visual Journal to create a collection of final writings (poems, essays, etc.) and art pieces to be shared publicly.