Members of the Class of 2020 completed a number of great Distinction Projects, including:

Claire Aurand – Investigating Nutrition Based Non-Communicable Chronic Disease in Mexico

Jared Boone – On the Development American and French Healthcare Systems

Alec Carlson – Exploring oxygen nucleophiles in palladium-catalyzed difunctionalization reactions

Garrett Channell – A Critical History of Preservation: A Study of Preservation Practices and Evolutions

Alexa Chapman – Problematic Science: The Becoming Dragon of Fossils

Jessica Civetta – Social Movements and their Effects on Modern Human Resource Management

Kim Dalton – Morbid: A Novel in Progress

Alyssa Donnelly – A Comparative Analysis of Felid Conservation Strategies on four Continents: Can one size fit all?

Owen Gold – Business Relocation and Its Effects on Organizational Culture in the United States and Spain

Rachel Harmon – Cross-Cultural Comparison of Caregiver Concerns and Resources for Children with Disabilities

Kaitlyn Hefele – A comparative study of cardiac function in the American lobster and the Caribbean spiny lobster: How does pericardial sinus pressure relate to pressure inside the heart?

Isabel Hildesheim – Using Moss for Stronger Quantification of Air Pollution in Habitat

Emma Howard-Woods – Barriers to Healthcare: How Socioeconomic Status Affects Access to Healthcare

Kim Lange – A Study of the Purine Biosynthesis Pathway in Archaea

Allison Livengood – Attendance Constraints: An Investigation of Division III Basketball

Alina Marino – Evaluation of Informant Witnesses Testimony: Why are They so Believable?

Paul Martin – History through the Lens of Video Games: A Study of Historiography and Change over time in this Medium

Mark Maust – Optimization and Investigation of a Novel Palladium-Catalyzed Olefin Difunctionalization

Samuel McKnight –American Attitudes Towards Russia in the Post-Cold War Era

Johnson Mihaly – A Knock at the Door: On the Role of Sovereignty in Migration Policy

Hayley Mulford – Suicide Risk in Postpartum Mothers: A Test of the Kin-Selection Hypothesis of Suicidality

Jamie Obremski – Investigating the Financial Literacy of College Students

Gaston Ocampo – Unfulfilled Promises: NAFTA’s Effects on Mexican Emigration into the United States

Seth Poore – Without My Morning Coffee: Coffee and Coffee Culture’s Functions in Society

Brittney Rowe – Strangers in their Imagined Motherland: North Korean Refugees’ Experiences in South Korea

Emily Spangler – Tuberculosis, Diabetes, and Health Screening in Palau

Abigail Supplee – A Resilient Roanoke: A Risk Assessment in Support of Increased Climate Resilience at Roanoke College

Thomas Thomas – The Forbidden Histories A graphic compilation of stories unheard of, and yet familiar

Emily Townley – LGBTQ Youth Anxiety: An Examination of Protective and Risk Factors

Ben Vester – Blue? Ridge Mountains: Modeling West Virginia Gubernatorial Elections

Elleri Vitwar – Police Interrogation Techniques and False Confessions: Impact on Wrongful Convictions

Jenna West – Every Student Succeeds Act — A Solution to the Issues of No Child Left Behind?

Braden Wright – Methodology involved in the investigation of the role of different tissues and organs in the clearance response to acute bacterial challenge in the American Lobster