Cultivating Creativity in the 21st Century Church II

Author: Anna Chamberlain
Major: Communication Studies
Approved: Spring 2017
Status: Completed

I am interested the relationship between the fine arts and the contemporary American church, especially how these arts impact individuals spiritually and secularly. My project explores this concept in one particular church, Concord First Assembly, located in North Carolina. CFA has brought the arts to the public through their community program InTune School of the Arts. At CFA, I will intern with the artistic director and music pastor, and learn through hands-on interaction, as well as participate in the church’s print media, music ministry, design, and youth program. In order to collect and present information on the arts within CFA church, I plan to create a film (length yet to be determined) containing behind the scenes footage of cultivating creativity in a church setting. This footage will include various activities such as music rehearsals, constructing stage sets, creative meetings, graphic design, and more. Though I will be working primarily with Concord First Assembly, my film and my experience will represent more than a singular church body. I plan to conduct interviews with those who have witnessed, been impacted by, or are directly involved in the arts in their faith experience. These interviewees will hopefully include several recording artists of both Christian and secular music, graphic artists, worship pastors at highly regarded churches, and even professors. Along with my film, I will present a short paper on my findings. Through the film, interviews, and hands-on creative work, I wish to refine my skills in my Communications major, as well as foster my art minor and my passion for spiritual creativity.