Gender and Museology: Intersections and Applications

Author: Elizabeth Janes
Major: History
Approved: Spring 2018
Status: In progress

My Distinction Project will begin in the Fall of 2018 with a semester away in Washington D.C. This “field work” will allow me insight into the workings of a professional historical environment and will provide me with context for the second and third phases of my project. The second part of my project will consist of a semester-long independent study with my Project Supervisor, Dr. Rosenthal. The culmination of this semester will be a paper that explores the historical theory surrounding museums and that theory’s intersection with gender history. Those frameworks will then be applied to the topic of co-educational integration at Roanoke College. The third and final installment of my project will take place Fall of 2019. That semester I will be enrolled in the Archives Practicum in order to receive credit for researching, curating, and presenting an exhibit to the Roanoke College community on the topic of co-educational integration at the school.