Political Instability and Antisemitism

Author: Sadie Klam
Major: Political Science
Approved: Spring 2018
Status: In progress

For my distinction project, I will be examining the link between political instability and rates of AntiSemitism. Antisemitism is commonly defined as any prejudice or discrimination towards the Jewish people, and historically there have been patterns of displays of discrimination against the Jewish people in times of political instability. For my project I will be working off a pilot study I conducted and preforming historical analysis, surveys, and observation research in both the United States and Germany. Germany has an extensive history of Antisemitism and a very different political system in place than the United States, so I hope to be able to locate differences between the two governments historically and presently that could play a role in current levels of Antisemitism in each country. My research will also look at other possible factors that have historically played a role in outbreaks of antisemitism, such as economic instability, to see if they play a large role. I will go to Germany in the fall to begin this, and complete the United States aspect in the spring. This information is useful for it can also be applicable to determining the causes of and helping to put a stop to not just antisemitism but also other forms of prejudice and discrimination.