Social Movements and their Effects on Modern Human Resource Management

Author: Jessica Civetta
Major: Business Administration
Approved: Spring 2019
Status: Completed

With the rapidly changing pace of society, the legal system in the United States and the field of human resources (HR) must continuously adapt to the everchanging societal expectations. To understand these needs, it is best to examine the social movements that were created by society to address the issues that the government was not putting in the forefront of policy changes. The concerns of society and the action of government frequently do not match, and without the social movements, the government would be unaware the issues the country is facing. As much as it is important for the government to acknowledge societal needs and revise laws pertaining to those needs, it is equally necessary for the workplace to do the same. Social movements in the United States, the lawmaking process, and human resource management department are interconnected though a waterfall affect. Social movements drive change in federal and state legal policies, and these changes shape HR.

Social Movements and their Effects on Human Resource Management