Developing My Musical Style: (Choral) Composition with an Interdisciplinary Twist

Author: Noelle Warfford
Major: Psychology, Music
Approved: Spring 2017
Status: Completed

My project focuses on contemporary choral music, but includes several components. To begin, I will be selecting works from various international contemporary choral composers, which I will then analyze to understand their unique compositional methods. Throughout the course of this project, I will be developing a personal style by composing a handful of works. I have several goals to guide me along the way. First, one of my goals is to showcase a few of the composers I studied, along with examples of their works. Specifically, I plan to highlight the accomplishments of contemporary women in the field. Second, my artistic goal is to present a performance of my original work, which I will conduct at my senior recital. The performance will engage the audience through a computer-assisted interactive experience. (I will apply computer science skills to create a program to accomplish this.) Third, my personal goal is to grow as a composer and musician through the combination of various skills. Finally, I have a goal for the audience: to have them leave the performance with a) newfound appreciation for music of a style they’ve not previously heard or experienced, b) knowledge and understanding about new ways to perform music, and c) added meaning from having taken part in the music making.