Effects of Bureaucratic Policy on Federal Law Enforcement

Author: Gwyneth Herndon
Major: Criminal Justice, Sociology
Approved: Spring 2018
Status: In progress

My distinction project will encompass both criminal justice aspects and well as sociological perspective. My project will take place during my internship while I am participating in the Washington Semester in the Fall of 2018. While interning with federal law enforcement, I will be taking a deeper look at how policy effects those in law enforcement and how they conduct themselves based on it. In doing this I will be looking at the bureaucratic system that embodies federal law enforcement and how that plays a role. I want to understand how working in a bureaucratic system effects one’s thoughts, judgment, and actions in any given situation. I want to know to what extent the bureaucratic system and the policies it enacts effects the system’s workers. I want to look for ways the system can be improved through hearing what law enforcement personnel have to say and looking at other research to determine how law enforcement can function better from a policy and bureaucratic standpoint.