An Inside Look at Inside Out

Author: Max Kreutzer
Major: Criminal Justice and Political Science
Approved: Spring 2020
Status: In progress

I will be doing research on the Inside Out Program at Roanoke College. I will first collect any data on this program in the United States; varying criminal justice systems make International research difficult, despite Inside Out being an International Program. I will be Interning for this program’s class in the coming fall. In order to gain a perspective on how this program has helped human development, I will analyze three factors after my Internship. The three factors I will analyze are recidivism rates, job rates, and education rates.

Data on recidivism will be given by the Salem Sheriff’s office, while education and jobs will be measured on a questionnaire basis. These questionnaires will be created based on a series of small interviews with former members of the program. The interviews will assist me in the creation of my questionnaire by providing me with insight from Insiders and Outsiders who may recommend additional questions or revisions. By no means is this project an attempt to determine the “efficacy” of Inside Out as a whole or at Roanoke College specifically, nor is this a study only on Insiders. This project will look to simply gauge how Inside Out at Roanoke College affected students qualitatively in the three aforementioned factors. I hope to conclude with information that has never been compiled in this context before. There is no research on the Inside Out Program at Roanoke College, so there is ample room for new results. I hope to present this data at a Criminal Justice Conference, such as The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting.