Building the World of a Novella: Fantasy, Oral Tradition and Science

Author: Eesha Imam
Major: Creative Writing
Approved: Spring 2017
Status: Completed

I will be writing a novella that takes place in a fictional world where a chronically ill girl and a fox-hybrid creature go on an adventure together. In my literature classes, I have seen a trend of writing realistic fiction or fictional stories that take place in our real world. My project is about writing a story that takes place in a world that is imaginary but could very well exist. In order to build this world, I will tie together my interests in stories of fantasy and oral tradition (folklore) and my interests in the hard sciences, in particular, biology. My research will involve a literary study of the fantasy and oral tradition genres, a study of the novella as a form and a study of animal cognition and habits. In addition to completing a novella, I will write an essay that bridges my research to the crafting of the novella.