Members of the Class of 2021 are at work on – and have completed! – a number of great Distinction Projects, including:

Shannon Baker – Confederate Monuments in Context: Arlington National Cemetery and the Legacy of the Confederacy

Alaina Birkel – Climate Resiliency at Roanoke College

Senn Boswell – Monitoring Student Engagement Through Event Attendance Data

Joe Carman – An analysis of the efficacy of regression techniques in forecasting stock prices

Liam Courtney – A Study on the Changes in Performance, Physical Ability, and Mental Stress and Recovery During the Course of a Division III Soccer Season in Both Men and Women

Autumn Cox – The Relationship Between ADHD Symptoms, Personality, and Creativity

Amanda Grady – Dragonbase (Preserving the Hoard): Creating a Database of Literary Dragon Descriptions and Collaborative Research

Haley Gray – A Cohort Analysis of Femininity among Catholic Women in Cork, Ireland

Liesl Greider – Citizen Diplomacy of the Roanoke Valley: An Examination of Sister City Partnerships

Hannah Guthrie – Analyzing mental health policy in Virginia: The Relevance of Public Health in Politics

Razan Hamed – Learning physics can be more fun than you think!

Jordan Hanson – What Does it Take to be a Published Poet?

Hunter Haskins – Walking the Red Line: Roanoke, Salem, and the Legacies of HOLC Residential Segregation

Donovan Hill – Let’s Talk About Sex: An Examination & Review of Sex Education Policy on Adolescents

Kira Hunt – Ignoring Red Flags: Self Efficacy and Self-Disclosure in Online Romantic Relationships

Maggie Lewis – Does Variability in Stressors Correlate to Increased Likelihood of Binge Drinking in College Students

Olivia Long – Mathematical Compositions and Musical Calculations

Sam Luby – Ticks: Not Man’s Best Friend

Robby Mangum – Final Frontiers: Masculinity in the Video Games of Obsidian Entertainment

Ava McCartin – Unpacking Irish Oral Tradition

Ben Nelson – Cognitive Consumers

Grace Page – Examining Marriage: A Comparison of Perceptions based on Religious Affiliation and Religiosity

Walker Phillips – American Public Opinion on Mental Health

Madeleine Robben – RedDressing Wounds

Lexie Ruckman – Remembering Tragedy: How Female Resistance within Theresienstadt becomes Memorialized

Olivia Samimy  – The Female Experience through Poetry

Ellie Schad – Economic Effects of Brexit in the United Kingdom

Carly Schepacarter – Murals for Healing: Transforming Blank Walls into Therapeutic Outlets

Jessica Schott – Bindery Through the Ages: A Look at the Long History of Bookbinding

Madalyn Wheeler – Developmental Biology Research

Jessica White – Models of Female Authority in Egypt During the New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period

Hannah Wilk – The Social Problem of Texting and Driving: Analysis via a Criminological and Public Health Lens

Casey Wilson – Making a Splash: The Interactions of Public and Private Organizations in Swim Lesson Education

Anthony Wisdo – Comparative Assessment of Legality Surrounding Renewable Energy